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Welcome to the homepage of the EuroNF project SPEC.

To design highly energy efficient systems is one of the most important design goals which are under investigation currently. The underlying motifs to design such systems are economical as well as environmental in nature. However, it has been identified that while focusing solely on energy efficiency mechanisms, the other design parameters must also be considered to achieve a well balanced system. Security and privacy aspects are among those very important parameters.
This SJRP focuses on the security and privacy aspects involved in the application of modern energy efficiency mechanisms. We focus on two of the key technologies including virtualization for energy efficiency and smart metering. In first part of the project, we investigate the security issues within virtualized environments for energy efficiency while the second part focus on the end user privacy concerns when deploying smart meters.

Current news topics:

SPEC at Euro-NF workshop in Greece.
From the 31.3. till 1.4., the SPEC members met at the Euro-NF International Workshop on Traffic and Congestion Control for the Future Internet in Volos, Greece. Besides discussing the latest project advancements, the paper "Modeling virtualized infrastructures under security constraints" (by M. Ali, M. Niedermeier and H. de Meer) was presented at the workshop.

Michael Niedermeier, 5.04.2011

Website launched!.
The website, that will allow project members as well as interested externals to see the current progress of the research inside SPEC, was launched today.

Michael Niedermeier, 26.01.2011